This is not a full release, but early availability of some elements of the California release (expected in June 2018) to demonstrate significant performance increases and size reductions across a number of EdgeX micro services.  In particular, it will demonstrate a clear path toward achieving scale and performance metrics expected of EdgeX for the June release.  In addition, this release will include some clean up of the EdgeX Device Service SDK and selected services that were not completed in time for the Barcelona release.

Release Information

Go Service replacements/performance demonstration

  • Core Data, Metadata, Command (Dell)
  • Export Client (Mainflux)
  • Export Distro (Cavium)
    • This is not 100% full replacement of the Java equivalents for this preview
  • NOTE:  At this time, the Go Lang Export Services are not 100% complete replacements of the Java versions.  The following features are not yet present, but still expected to be completed by the full California release:
    • Validate event/reading value descriptors (Export Distro embedded filter)
    • Registering (client) and using (distro) an MQTTS export endpoint ( with self signed certificate and using Mosquito, but not against any cloud provider)
    • Registering (client) and using (distro) an HTTPS export endpoint
    • Registering (client) and using (distro) an Azure IoT Hub export endpoint
    • Registering (client) and using (distro) a Google IoT Core export endpoint
    • Registering (client) and using (distro) a ZeroMQ export endpoint
  • SDK elements (Canonical)
  • Config/Registry Configuration Seed (Samsung)
  • Potentially SDK elements in C (IoTech)

Additional Anticipated Features of the Preview Release

  • Java SDK refactor/simplification
  • Improvements of Test Framework
    • Go services be “certified” as drop in replacements by our test framework(s)
    • Integration of Blackbox testing to CI process
  • Complete/refine CI/Release processes and systems (ex: dev release containers)
    • ARM build process and ARM versions of services

Strategy Documents also made with this release

  • Strategy doc for Security and System Management API’s
  • Performance Targets for California Release (see California Release page)
  • California Release Target Functionality List (see California Release page)

Performance Metrics (Java v. Go)

EdgeX California Preview Release Performance Statistics

Release Dates

Release Date:  February 7, 2018 (Note, this is not a release as it is just announcing the availability of additional Go Lang micro service replacements.)

Release Docker Compose

Version 0.5.0 California Preview Docker Compose file:

Version 0.5.1 California Preview Docker Compose file:

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