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policy approved by the TSC September 14, 2020

EdgeX uses many open source infrastructure elements to deliver the platform.  This includes, but is not limited to databases, messaging systems, registry subsystems, security capability and more.  Traditionally, the TSC has voted on the inclusion and upgrade of all infrastructure elements.  Even including a patch release of an infrastructure element required the TSC consent.

Going forward, infrastructure will now be under the purview and decision making authority of the assigned working group (and working group chair initiative).  A working group can make the decision as to what and when infrastructure is needed for their delivery area.   The working group chair will keep the TSC informed of all infrastructure changes (via the TSC chairperson).  The table below specifies what infrastructure is currently included in EdgeX and now under the control of the associated chairperson.  This list should be updated with new infrastructure as it is included in the project.

Infrastructure elementWorking Group ControlNotes/consideration
API GatewaySecurity Working GroupCurrently Kong
Secret StoreSecurity Working GroupCurrently Vault
Service Registry/Configuration providerCore Working GroupCurrently Consul; considered a cross cutting concern
DatabaseCore Working GroupCurrently Redis; considered a cross cutting concern
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