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EdgeX TSC - April 10th, 2019

Location | Dial in: +1 877 369 0926 (Toll Free) (*6 to unmute yourself when dial-in only)

Voting TSC Members in Attendance [6 = quorum] - Quorum reached

Voting TSC Member


Voting TSC Member


Voting TSC Member


Andy Foster


Janko Isidorovic


Randy Thompson


David Ferriera

Jim White


Steve Osselton


Drasko Draskovic

Keith Steele


Tony Espy


James Gregg


Moonki Hong

Trevor Conn



Strike Team Updates

  • CBOR/binary support - Toby on point with Trevor and Janko to assist with core, supporting and export services changes

    • Strike team to determine best WG to use to review design and work issues

  • Redis implementations of DB services - Andre & Trevor

  • Initial performance (and load) testing infrastructure and results - Andy

    • LF support for TIG stack

  • Certification Program - Randy and Jim

  • SDK Unit testing (to the point short of any major refactoring) - Steve

  • SIGL Static Analysis - James (with LF support)

  • Kong Upgrade - Tingyu

  • Device services (Edinburgh public availability of Modbus, MQTT, BACNet, BLE, Virtual Device, SNMP) - Steve

    • Dell to provide SNMP DS

  • Security storing service secrets in Vault and protecting the master token - Jim and Tingyu with Intel resource assistance

  • Documentation clean up - Michael with WG leads to nominate areas of need first and complete doc updates by deadline

    • Asked if device-bluetooth will  be included in Edinburgh, Steve to get answer to this

  • UI updates

    • IoTech UI - Keith

    • VMWare UI - Jim to check with Huaqiao

    • UIs not able to be updated will be archived to the Delhi release

WG Updates

  • Core:

    • Tony: Is there a docs issue for Core Command?

      • Michael: Need to check, will discuss in core WG call

    • Still trying to determine why 

  • Applications:

    • Jim: Will we convert the documentation to RST for the docs site?

      • Yes, it's in markdown now, will work with mhall to convert it

  • Device Services:

  • Test/QA

  • DevOps:

  • Security:

  • System Management:

  • Certification

  • Vertical Solutions WG update

  • Developer Outreach

Edinburgh Progress

  • Proposed timeline

    • Freeze:  May 28 (Tue after Memorial Day)

      • Create new branch; update version numbers on master, etc.

      • Testing and bug fixes between 5/28 and 6/20 (23 days)

    • Release date:  June 20

Fuji F2F Planning

WG Chairs - start thinking about Seoul meeting

  • WG leads - get with Jim to setup topics and time needs for the WG Chair day’s (1st day) meetings

    • Start thinking about who you want there (invitation only for the 1st day)

  • WG Chairs - draft a roadmap for Fuji for your areas

    • What do you think needs to go into a Fuji release

  • Community - what new topics/features/etc. would you like discussed?

    • Send Keith or Jim an email

  • Jim will start to work with WG Chairs to organize the agenda and content

EdgeX TSC F2F Meetings

  • TSC F2F Meeting - Seoul (29 April - 2 May, 2019) - Wiki

    • Technical Business Discussions + EdgeX 101 on Monday, April 29

    • Architect’s Day / WG Breakout Sessions + Social Event on Tuesday, April 30

    • Technical F2F - Day 1 + Dinner Reception on Wednesday, May 1

    • Technical F2F - Day 2 on Thursday, May 2

    • RSVP at

      • RSVP by EOD April 12

      • Current registration count: 22 in-person; 0 dial-in

    • Hotel/Travel: Recommended hotels listed on Wiki

      • Rideshare sign-up: Brett will email those who have RSVP’d with link to sign up

      • Update: Recommended Hotel is Sheraton Seoul Palace Gangnam (11 out of 12 respondents are staying at)

  • TSC F2F Meeting - Chandler, Arizona (November 4 - 8, 2019)

    • Hosted by Intel

    • More details to follow in the coming months

Upcoming Events

Additional Events & Speaking Opps


Slack: Link to join EdgeX Slack (keeping as FYI for those who have not signed up yet):

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