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The Delhi release is the third formal release of EdgeX Foundry. Key features for the Delhi release will include:

  • The initial system management APIs and system management agent
  • Device Service SDKs in Go and C (along with some demonstration device services)
  • Deliver system management APIs in all the microservices and provide a system management agent for orchestrating multi-service system management commands and communications to 3rd party system management tools/platforms.
  • The next wave of security features to include access control to grant access to appropriate services, and improved security service bootstrapping.
  • Refactored and improved Go Lang microservices
  • Options and implementation plan for database replacement
  • Design and implementation plans for export service replacement with application services
  • Provide an EdgeX UI suitable for use in exploring several instances of EdgeX

Release Information

  • Provide a system management agent (SMA) that coordinates control plane information and management of EdgeX micro service metrics, configuration, and control (start, stop, restart) through a central service endpoint.
  • Provide system management APIs into each EdgeX micro service in support of system management needs and facilitate the SMA.
  • Device Service SDKs in Go and C will replace the Java device service SDK and allow the last Java micro services to be replaced (allowing to improve footprint and performance)
  • Documentation and sample device services to assist developers replace existing large/slow Java device services, along with adding new device/sensor device service connectors.

Release Dates

Freeze Date:  Oct 15, 2018

Release Date:  Nov 9, 2018

Release Docker Compose