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The Geneva release will be a minor release (1.2) with a focus on testing, a few but important key features (such as automated device provisioning and a replacement for the final Java service - the rules engine) and the first part of the V2 API (which will be provided in "beta" form for core services with the intention of completing the V2 API in all services by the Hanoi release).

Table of Contents

Geneva Release Overview

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Release Themes and Objectives


  • Move to Jenkins Pipeline
  • Apply Synk scan to other services and images (w/ all WG input)
    • Synk can’t do ARM images
  • Sharpen our use of SonarCloud and provide developer education around it – stretch goal



  • How to certify and track minor API versioning works in practice.
  • Planning and design work toward certification and self-assessment for when LTS hits.

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