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  • Geneva will not be LTS.  While no specific future release is pinpointed for LTS, the general hope is that the Ireland release will be a bug fix only, minor release that might be our best opportunity for an LTS.
  • V2 API implementation will be accomplished, tentatively, over 2 releases (Geneva and Hanoi).  For Geneva, core services will implement the V2 API as “beta” and use at your own risk.  The work is going to be generally completed by teams from Dell, Intel and IOTech but will likely involve/impact all developers to some degree.
  • Important new features of Geneva (ex: automatic provisioning) will still use V1 APIs
  • SDKs and other services would still generally call on V1 APIs (still rely on V1 clients)
  • The V1 APIs will be retired when the V2 APIs are released (again, likely with the Hanoi release)
  • Export services are removed from the Geneva release.  This required the approval of a backward compatibility exception for Geneva since it is no longer a major release.
  • TAF will be used as overarching API/blackbox testing platform.  Tests for V2 APIs (only) will be created by TEST/QA team
  • Postman tests remain for V1 APIs
  • Dev teams are welcome to (encouraged?) to provide language dependent service level tests in their code base as they see fit (example Go Tests) but this is optional at this point

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