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This is a draft working document that is still to be approved Approved by the TSC and adopted by the community.Updated 2/14 from comments of review in DevOps WG meetingEdgeX TSC on 2/27/19

LTS is an abbreviation for “Long Term Support”.


  • Community members best effort and development priority to fix a security or system bug or major flaw (as determined by the project’s appropriate working group chairperson(s) in consultation with the release manager) as soon as possible.
  • Availability of the source code, test code and artifacts, and program artifacts such as micro service executables, shared libraries, container images (Docker), packages (snaps), etc. through the support period that were created and made available at the time of the release.
  • Availability of the platform documentation through the support period that were created to explain and operate the release and all associated artifacts that were made available at the time of the release.Subject to legal restrictions, make available any supporting 3rd party component used by EdgeX as part of the release.  Examples include MongoDB, Consul, Kong, Vault, any 3rd party library, etc.  Where possible, EdgeX will provide archived binaries of the 3rd party components (MongoDB, Redis, Consul, Kong, Vault, etc.) used with LTS versions of EdgeX.  Where possible, EdgeX will also keep an archive snapshot of 3rd party source code used in the creation of LTS versions of EdgeX (ex:  code in the vendor directory of Go Lang repositories).

EdgeX will not offer support around 3rd party products.  For example, EdgeX will not fix bugs or address issues directly associated to the 3rd party code like Kong, Vault, Consul, etc.