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  • In the case where a large number devices are connected through a device service, and the device service is restarted, the maximum HTTP request size (for Go Lang applications this is 10MB) may be exceeded when the device service restarts and makes call to Core Metadata for all relevant devices and device profile information. This issue is being addressed in the V2 API to be released with Ireland release (spring 2021).  Although it requires some custom coding, there are workarounds to this issue.  Connect with the EdgeX community via Slack ( if you need assistance if this issue is applicable to your use case.
  • When a device is locked / unlocked via core metadata (via set of AdminState update), the callback to the device service is not working properly so that the device service is not informednotified of the change. See


  • Migration of the platform to Go 1.15
  • Upgraded to Redis 6
  • A program to vet and approve 3rd party libraries and modules
  • Restructure of the Docker Compose Files and make facility to create them (removing a lot of duplicate code and the need for users to uncomment for specific service needs). The Docker Compose files now take advantage of the multi-file Compose approach.
  • Corrected service Dockerfiles to use CMD versus ENTRYPOINT
  • Snap artifacts now being managed, built and released to the Snap store by Canonical. The EdgeX Snap names have also been transferred to Canonical.
  • EdgeX web site refresh
  • Introduction of the User Self-Endorsement program (see EdgeX Wiki).
  • Design of Device Service to Application Service communication via message bus (bypassing Core Data).
  • Adoptions of Conventional Commits specification across EdgeX repositories
  • Use of Dependabot to watch for and create pull requests on dependency upgrades
  • EdgeX Documentation refactor; improvements, cleanup and refactor
  • Upgraded to new releases of Vault (1.5.3), Kong (2.0.5), Consul (1.8), Kuiper (1.0).
  • Removed all RAML API specification documents and moved all API documentation to Swagger (also provided in SwaggerHub).
  • Created a new edgex-examples repository and moved all project examples to this repository. Developed policies and procedures for managing and maintaining these examples.