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Potential scope for enhancements / changes in Ireland/v2.0 cycle

  • Consume v2 API
    • At Hanoi, the v2 REST interfaces for core-data and core-metadata should be available - use them.
    • Unconditionally or should this be a config option?
  • Old items on-hold because they are breaking changes
    • support-logging removal
    • Naming scheme changes for config.Clients
  • Event filtering: implementation
    • Requires 1) design phase completed 2) volunteer effort for implementation
  • Messagebus for Device Service → App Service: implementation
  • Obtain security credentials from secret store: provision in the SDKs, implement at least in device-mqtt
    • Stretch: other DSs
  • Remove binary representation (base64) for floating point values
  • Remove OperationalState for device services (as opposed to for individual devices)
  • Rename OperationalState values (currently ENABLED/DISABLED, suggest UP/DOWN)
  • Ensure that the various agreed device profile changes are in for V2: Currently in place in go-mod-core-contracts
    • Units simplification
    • CoreCommands simplification
    • Removal of deprecated PropertyValue fields: precision, size