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SubjectGo SDKC SDKDevice ServicesOther
Consume v2 REST APIs#528#210

Remove legacy code

  • v1 APIs
  • Remote Logging
  • Access to queries by object id
  • Base64 float encoding
  • OperatingState for device service
  • Legacy environment variables and commandline
#544 (Logging)#306 #307
core-contracts: #246 #319 #372

"Writable" configuration changes

  • LogLevel should be at the top level of the Writable section
  • Other elements should be structured to mirror the non-writable structure


Model / DTO changes

  • Reading: "Name" → "ResourceName"
  • Event, Reading: Add "ProfileName"
  • OperatingState: States change to "UP" and "DOWN"

core-contracts #318 #370 #373
Add the ability to send Events via MessageBus (this to be the default)#530#258

core-metadata to inform DS of changes to its AdminState via callback

Enable access to credentials in secret-store#564 #653#304 #305device-mqtt
Maximum request size to be configurable
bootstrap #130
Validate set requests against minimum/maximum if specified in profile
Done in 1.x

Provide tooling for config migration v1→ v2

Replace the DeviceList in the toml file with a "devices" directory, as for profiles

Extend ProvisionWatchers to include AutoEvent specification
core-contracts #371
Stretch: Event Filtering in the DS

Potential/TBC: Support for certain dynamic updates to device profiles

Move device-random to examples repository

Implement new "playback" device service for simulations

Review and adopt new Device Services, potentially:

  • BLE
  • LLRP
  • CoAP
  • UART
  • GPIO
  • others?

Review and improve existing Device Services, eg:

  • MQTT
  • Modbus