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  • Core Data, Metadata, Command (Dell)
  • Export Client (Mainflux)
  • Export Distro (Cavium)
    • This is not 100% full replacement of the Java equivalents for this preview
  • NOTE:  At this time, the Go Lang Export Services are not 100% complete replacements of the Java versions.  The following features are not yet present, but still expected to be completed by the full California release:
    • Validate event/reading value descriptors (Export Distro embedded filter)
    • Registering (client) and using (distro) an MQTTS export endpoint ( with self signed certificate and using Mosquito, but not against any cloud provider)
    • Registering (client) and using (distro) an HTTPS export endpoint
    • Registering (client) and using (distro) an Azure IoT Hub export endpoint
    • Registering (client) and using (distro) a Google IoT Core export endpoint
    • Registering (client) and using (distro) a ZeroMQ export endpoint
  • SDK elements (Canonical)
  • Config/Registry Configuration Seed (Samsung)
  • Potentially SDK elements in C (IoTech)