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NOTE:  California Performance Preview has been released.  See the release page for details of this release.

Delivery:  ~January 2018

The main theme for the California Preview release (CPR) of EdgeX is to provide a demonstration of performance/scale improvements. 

Release Themes and Objectives

  • Deliver a slice of the micro services in Go or C++ to provide clear indication of the performance and scale direction of EdgeX going forward.
  • Finalize the continuous integration and build processes (for both Intel and ARM chip sets)
  • Automate the black box testing processes
  • Clean up micro service items not completed in time for the Barcelona release

General Release Tasks and Notes

  • Improvements of Test Framework
    • Full Blackbox testing (all APIs)
    • Go services be “certified” as drop in replacements by our test framework(s)
    • Integration of Blackbox testing to CI process
  • Documentation additions/changes (stretch goal)
  • Complete/refine CI/Release processes and systems (ex: dev release containers)
    • ARM build process and ARM versions of services
  • Web oriented demos

Core and Supporting Tasks and Notes

  • Core Data, Metadata, Command in Go
  • Config/Registration in Go (stretch goal)

Application Tasks and Notes

  • Export Client in Go
  • Export Distribution in Go (stretch goal)

Device Service SDK and Device Service Tasks and Notes

  • Java SDK refactor/simplification
  • SDK Elements in Go
  • SDK Elements in C++ (stretch goal)

Security and System Management Tasks and Notes

  • Strategy doc for Security and System Management API’s

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