EdgeX Group Calendars

Group calendars are managed within EdgeX Groups.io mail lists with each sub-group (mail list) having a unique calendar. Meeting invites from these group calendars are sent to the applicable sub-group mail list. In order to see the various group calendars you must:

Subscribing to the EdgeX Group Calendars

You can directly subscribe to the EdgeX Group Calendars to stay in sync with meetings and events.


Zoom Bridge Overview

The LF currently provides 2 general use Zoom meeting accounts for the EdgeX community. Additional Zoom meeting accounts can be requested for the project as the project scales. These shared Zoom accounts are administered by the LF team, but usage is ultimately managed by the EdgeX community. Please carefully review the following:

Zoom Bridge Errors 

Requesting / Changing / Canceling a Meeting

Those with prior approval for Alternate Meeting Hosts & Recordings (see below) AND Scheduling/Managing Meetings in Groups Calendars (see below) do not need to follow this process. 

For all others, to request a new meeting to be set up or change/cancel an existing meeting:

Note: A minimum of 2 business days lead time is required to review and complete requests. 

Scheduling/Managing Meetings in Group Calendars

The LF can set up individuals from the community with privileges to schedule and manage meetings in the EdgeX Group Calendars (via the applicable Groups.io sub-group) provided the following criteria is met.

Group Calendars Meeting Management Privileges Requirements:

After you have been granted Group Meeting Management Privileges, to create/update a meeting follow these steps:

Alternate Meeting Host & Recording Privileges

Recordings cannot occur unless someone registered as the Zoom Host account is physically connected to the meeting using that account.  The LF can set up individuals from the community with host credentials provided the following criteria is met.

Meeting Host & Recording Privileges Requirements:

All approved hosts will be added to the meeting-hosts@lists.edgexfoundry.org mail list for meeting troubleshooting and questions.

Step-by-Step Guide for Launching Meeting


  1. Go to https://zoom.us/signin to sign in:


  2. Choose "Meetings" from the menu on the left

  3. Find your meeting on the list (usually the top one) and click the "Start" button to launch your meeting
  4. After the meeting has started, make sure the meeting shows as recording
  5. You can pause and resume if necessary and the recording will be saved as a contiguous stream
  6. Stop the recording when you are finished. The recording will also stop when you close the window.
  7. Brett will receive notification when the meeting recording is available and will post to your Wiki. If you do not see the recording within 24 hours, feel free to email Brett, or log back into Zoom and access the recording link via xyz

List of Group Calendars Meeting Moderators

Please see above for Group Calendar Meeting Management Privileges Requirements.

Sub-Group Mail List Calendar


Applications WG
Certification WGRodney Hess
Core WG
Device Services WG
DevOps WG
QA/Test WG
Security WG
Systems Management WG
Vertical Solutions WG

List of Alternate-Hosts for Zoom Meetings 

Please see above for Alternate-Host Privilege Requirements. All approved alternate-hosts will be added to the meeting-hosts@lists.edgexfoundry.org mail list for meeting troubleshooting and questions, see above.

Bridge Host

Alternate Host

EdgeX Working Group 1 (purple in group calendar)
EdgeX Working Group 2 (mulbery in group calendar)