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  • Add a service dot setting to set up the adapter for listen on web services (Lenny to provide more details)
  • EdgeX UI - it is for dev/test right now.  Would we ever want to have a UI for production?  Under what constraints?
  • How should we apply semantic versioning to modules?  When do we update the minor and major versions of modules?  (comes from the Hanoi planning meetings)
  • Extract of Device Service requirements to ADR legacy - what are all the pieces that need to be moved there?
  • Per the Hanoi planning conference - we need to better define "bound checking" so that a design (and eventual implementation) can be brought forth to meet the requirements
    • Currently considering limiting the number of operations that can be performed on a service (like a device service) over a period of time or setting the max request size (that lends to DoS attacks)
    • Can the solution be more globally applied?
  • Design metadata about the “gateway” or host platform (identity, location, …)
  • How do address module and component version release needs for examples (per Slack exchange with Luis Obando).  go.mod in the examples helps - or at least some documentation on dependencies.
  • How should we deal with example code?  Example code for app services lives in holding.  Example code for Device Services lives in the device service SDK (although to some extent, device random and virtual are examples).  Security is about to create some example code for SSH tunneling.  Should all this be collected somewhere?  Should it live in Github or in the docs (or on the Wiki or other location)?  Should it be consolidated?  Is it managed code or is it "buyer beware" code?
  • How do we review/remove artifact removal (docker images in Docker Hub, snaps, etc.)?