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Nov 18: Meeting Minutes; Meeting Recording

Open Topics

  • Med - address how to provide services, UIs, startup scripts/services, etc. with a list of system services.
    • SMA needs the list of services
    • UI needs the list of services
    • Secret bootstrapping needs to provide tokens to services
    • Considerations
      • What if Consul is not in use (or should we even allow this)?
      • What if app or device services are added at runtime (post bootstrapping)?
      • There are some chicken/egg scenarios; security may need the list in order to provide each service with the proper token before they come up and register with the registry service
  • Med - Standardizing units of measure
    • Per meeting of 3/15, Jim to research more like the ANSI X-12 standard and see what other IoT/edge projects are using.
  • Med - Declarative Kong applicability
    • Allowing us to drop Progress DB
    • But can you configure groups/users ACL
    • Only supports JWT users
  • Med - what's the future state of system management service(s) look like
    • How to deal with dynamically adding/removing services
    • Does it reside in registry/configuration service
    • How to handle security issues
  • Low - Is the Wiki the best place to document project decisions (those outside of or smaller than ADRs).  This was our initial take.  Should we revisit?
  • Low - Revisit combine core services at least at all executables in one image
    • Release would be easier but image would be bigger with more complex compose files
    • Per Core WG of 2/18/21 - is it at least worth exploring the combination of Core Metadata and Core Command since the two have to share so much data?
    • Core command is just a proxy service today, but reasons for having a separate service include: additional security to protect actuation; issue multiple device commands with one request (make one request and fire it to all Modbus devices or all devices under the control of one service); provide the means to limit requests down to a device so as not to overwhelm it or wake it up).  These needs could also be incorporated into a combined metadata service but there are advantages to separation of concerns.
  • Low - Digital twin (and LWM2M) applicability - being worked via liaison with DTC
  • Low - Time series database support and applicability
    • Ian Johnson has an example of app service to InfuxDB export (snap in the store)
  • Low - where should tool/script for creating new device and application services be placed?
    • After the architect's meeting of Jan 26, 2021, it was decided that "templates" should be created in all SDKs to allow for the easy creation of new services (removing the old samples in the SDKs).  The templates will be a means for users to copy and create a new service with some instruction on how to rename and replace TODOs with necessary code.
    • After the templates are in place, there is a decision to be made about where automation can be placed to use the templates to create new services (versus a manual copy).  In the CLI, in a new tool, in a set of simple scripts?