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EdgeX Foundry Project a Series of LF Projects, LLC


Adopted May 22, 2020January 31, 2019 / Last amended June 11, 2021

This charter (the “Charter”) sets forth the responsibilities and procedures for technical contribution to, and oversight of, the EdgeX Foundry Project, which has been established as EdgeX Foundry Project a Series of LF Projects, LLC (the “Project”).  LF Projects, LLC (“LF Projects”) is a Delaware series limited liability company. All Contributors to the Project must comply with the terms of this Charter.


b.     The TSC voting members at the inception of the project are those individuals listed on the Project’s web site as voting members of the TSC.  Within one year following the inception of the Project, each Working Group within the Project will initiate elections for their respective chairs, and voting members of the TSC will consist of: (a) all of the elected chairs of the Working Groups; and (b) two three at-large TSC members (the “At-Large Members”).  Contributors and Maintainers who have made a contribution within the last 12 months to a Working Group are eligible to vote in both (i) the election of that Working Group’s chair and (iii) the election of the At-Large Members.  The TSC may choose an alternative approach for determining the voting members of the TSC, and any such alternative approach will be documented on the Project’s web site.  Any meetings of the TSC are intended to be open to the public, and can be conducted electronically, via teleconference, or in person.