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The EdgeX Technical Steering Committee (TSC) has established a bi-annual release roadmap for EdgeX version deliveries.

to provide a product-quality open source foundation for interoperable commercial differentiation with increasing enablement of real-time fog computing use cases.  In order to provide EdgeX consumers with a predictable foundation on which to base their commercial offerings on , it is the goal of the TSC to outline key release themes at least 12 months in advance and to plan features to be delivered in a given release 6 months in advance.   

As with any open source software project, delivery of planned features is based on priority and available developer bandwidth.  Those building products with EdgeX should be aware of the release, version and support policies of the project.

Release cadence (as of January 2018 TSC Face-to-face meeting) is bi-annually, with targets of For the twice yearly releases, April and October are generally planned as release months, with these slipping into May or November in the case of larger, more significant releases.

Refer to the each page for target functionality by EdgeX release:  

'Barcelona': October 2017

'California': July 2018

'Delhi': November 2018

'Edinburgh':  July 2019

'Fuji': November 2019

'Geneva': ~ April 2020

'Hanoi': ~ October 2020

'Ireland': ~ June 2021

'Jakarta': ~ November 2021

'Kamakura': ~ May 2022

'Levski': ~ November 2022

'Minnesota': ~ May 2023

'Napa': ~ November 2023

'Odessa': ~ May 2024

'Palau': ~ November 2023

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We welcome the community to help shape the overall EdgeX roadmap through participation in the working groups and to accelerate delivery of desired functionality by making code contributions to the project. 

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