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Nov 18: Meeting Minutes; Meeting Recording

Open Topics

  • Projects management process (Bryan N, Lisa, security WG) - some small clean up and finalization

  • Revisiting holding and when work needs to enter holding (and what it takes to get out)
  • Acceptance of DS and testing needs - how to bring a new device service from holding to the EdgeX repos (presented by DS WG – Iain, Tony)
  • Release checkpoints – when and what (Lisa R); regularly revisiting the dependencies for the release
  • PR Template (presented by Mike J when ready)
  • Feature Flag implementation and flag (presented by Mike J when ready)
  • Bound checking issue (presented by Tony)
  • Apache 2 licensing requirements (per Tony E message and Brett P (LF) and Ducan (IOTech) responses.Whether it was necessary and wise to move code from EdgeX org to holding only to go back to EdgeX org again (vs just make a new repo directly in EdgeX) - initially covered in Jan 15, 2020 TSC