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Agenda Topics

Barcelona Release (9-10am)

  • Release/Availability Plan

  • Performance against original plan

  • Moved to California release task list
  • Lessons Learned
  • Upcoming Release Strategy

    • Discussion & Decisions

    • Late January or Early Feb 2018 – Specific date and any method of release to be discussed and ratified

    • Proposed for reaction/discussion/ratification

    • June 2018 – California @ IoT DevCon, Santa Clara, CA June 5-6 (

    • Nov 2018 – IoT Tech Expo (Santa Clara) or IoT World (London)

California Preview Release (10am-11am)

  • Go Services (core data, core metadata, command, export client, and elements of Go SDK) and Testing - Can Go services be “certified” as drop in replacements by our test framework(s) by that time?

  • ARM versions of these and other services

  • C SDK availability

  • Demos

  • Security and System Management API’s

    • implementation strategy?

  • California Release Target Functionality

EdgeX Real Time & Samsung Proposal (11am-noon)

  • Presentation from Samsung on potential new EdgeX real time track & Factory Automation Vertical market domain

  • Discussion on new working groups

  • Discussion on inclusion in California plan

California Release (1pm-3pm)

  • Target deliverables

  • First security and system management capabilities (what are they?)

  • Footprint and performance targets (what are they and how achieved?)

  • Full Arm support (what does this mean?)

  • Additional OS support (which specific OS?

  • Additional north bound connectivity (to what?)

  • Additional south bound connectivity (to what?)

  • Additional SDK’s?

  • Real Time Version

  • Vertical Domain Functionality

Releases after California (3pm-3:30pm)

  • Suggested Names

  • Release Frequency

  • High level roadmap targets

Security and System Management (3:30pm-4:30pm)

  • Current Status

  • Report from ForgeRock on Dell Fuse API Management
  • What's needed for California
  • How do we get there?
  • Time to split WG's?

TSC Elections in Jan/Feb meeting (4:30-5pm)

  • Formal Process

  • What to know

  • How accomplished

IIC/EdgeX Joint Workshop + EdgeX TSC F2F

Meeting Close / Recap AIs

Meeting Recording: