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Security + Systems Management WGs Face-to-Face Meeting

Meeting Slide Deck:

August 29-30, 2017 Face-to-Face Slide Deck with updates from meetings. Slides

Summary of Meeting Actions and Decisions

  1. Protected communication (inbound and outbound) over the public internet on north bound interface. Using PKI certificate methods, Mutually authenticated TLS, and OAuth 2.0 methods.
  2. Create Key Management API
  3. Create Inbound Connection Manager (Firewall)
  4. Overall plan - Provide well defined API interfaces for security services with basic software implementation of functionality
  5. Allow commercial partners to supply enhanced features and services using the same API interface with drop in replacements

EdgeX Security Micro Service High level Architecture Function

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EdgeX Security Micro Service High Level Architecture Environment

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EdgeX Security High Level Architecture Services 

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