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The Napa release is EdgeX version 3.1 (the 13th overall release and the first dot release off EdgeX 3.0).  It is a stabilization of the version 3 and is our current Long Term Support (LTS) release, replacing Jakarta (EdgeX 2.1) in having current LTS status.

Release Major Themes

  • URI for Files
    • Added support for loading EdgeX configuration files from a remote location via a URI. This includes configurations, unit of measurements, device profiles, device definitions and provision watchers
    • An important benefit of this is to allow services to share more of the configuration and start-up information in a single location, rather than users needing to duplicate and have multiple sources for the same information 
    • See here for full details:
    • Note that this feature is not yet available in the C Device Service SDK and is aimed for completion in the next release (Odessa)
  • Common Configuration - Added support for C Device Services
    •  The Common Configuration pattern added in EdgeX 3.0 is now also supported in the C Device Service SDK meaning that all services now support this feature
  • Major Documentation Improvements
    • Overhaul, refactor and general improvement of the EdgeX documentation - especially as part of the V3 stabilization work
    • The documentation for each service has a standard structure (e.g., purpose, getting started, configuration, API reference, source code and additional details)
    • Added new tiled home page directing users to key or common parts of the documentation
    • See the updated documentation here:
  • Data Retention Capability
  • Record and Replay Service
    • Added new Record and Replay capability as an Application Service that will record EdgeX events received by the internal message bus, and replay them back to the message bus at a later time
    • This is particularly useful to help test that new/existing EdgeX services receive and process EdgeX events correctly, without needing device services and real physical devices to always be present
    • See here for full details:

Additional Features/updates/project improvements or changes

  • Upgrade to Go 1.21
  • Requirements (UCR) in place for microservice authentication based on end to end encryption in EdgeX: An ADR (design) is now in review and implementation using OpenZiti is intended for implementation in the next release (Odessa)
  • Allow for the experimentation of use of NanoMQ as the message bus within EdgeX, optionally configured within the EdgeX compose-builder utility:
  • Replace the no-longer-support Gorilla/mux Go router library with the better supported Echo stack 
  • Continued improvements to move common code into go-mod-bootstrap
  • EdgeX Snaps are no longer directly built or supported by the EdgeX community. Snaps will not be part of the LTS support listing
  • More metrics for Application and Device Services
    • Export error (HTTP & MQTT) for App Services
    • LastConnected for Device Services
  • New Device Services for both CAN and Siemens S7 PLCs have been added to the project during this cycle, although these are not ready for immediate release
  • Moved reference helm charts for EdgeX to their own repository: 

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Core, Supporting and Security Services Changelog