Approved by consent of the TSC 11/20/2023

The Napa Release - version 3.1 - is EdgeX's second LTS release and replaces version 2.1 as being long-term supported.  The following items are included in the Napa LTS Release and covered per the terms of the EdgeX LTS policy:

The following items are not included in the Napa LTS Release:

  • The EdgeX GUIdevice-virtual-go and app-record-replay service which are considered development tools.  EdgeX will make every effort to make sure a version of these tools exist to work with the LTS releases.  However, this these are for development purposes and therefore not covered by the LTS policy.  Use at your own risk.

Per LTS Policy, Napa will be supported for a period of 2 years (November 2025) unless otherwise stipulated by the EdgeX TSC.  Note: services or components (such as device services) that are moved under LTS during the time of the LTS will be supported until the end of the Napa LTS period (November 2025).

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  1. I'd also consider Device Virtual a development tool. I can't imagine it ending up un any serious production environment.

    1. Agree with that, will move into that development tools section