Upcoming Events

A list of upcoming events that EdgeX will be participating in can be found at https://www.edgexfoundry.org/events/

EdgeX Meetups/Events: Available Support

The EdgeX community is growing quickly, including our meetups across the globe. This page serves as a guide for those who are interested in starting, or presenting EdgeX, at a local meetup. We’ll work to build this out with the community over time. We strongly encourage and support the community in presenting EdgeX. Below please find currently available resources/templates:

Where to Present

  • While the community is certainly welcome to start up new EdgeX meetup groups, we might recommend leveraging existing IoT Meetups

EdgeX Sponsorship

  • EdgeX Foundry will fund/sponsor the talk in which EdgeX is scheduled to be presented

Meetup Marketing & Promotion



  • We certainly welcome additions/edits/feedback to this page as best practices are learned from the Community


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