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  • Collection of voter registries (now to June 12)
  • Nominations for any chair or TSC at-large positions (now to June 12)
  • Chair and at-large elections (week of Jun 15-19)
    • We will have an election for at-large seats as we have 3 nominees and 2 seats
  • TSC Chair election (week of Jun 25-29)


  • DevOps:  Ernesto Ojeda (Intel)
  • Application/Analytics:  Mike Johanson (Intel)
  • Outreach:  Keith Steele (IOTech)
  • TestingQA: James Butcher (IOTech)
  • Device Services:  Iain Anderson (IOTech)
  • Security:  Colin Hutchinson (Kong)
  • Core:  Jim White (IOTech)
  • At Large:  Lenny Goodell (Intel), Tony Espy (Canonical), Sean McGinnis (Dell Technologies) - Election Held June 15-22

TSC At-Large Nominations Received

Sean McGinnis

Sean McGinnis is a Distinguished Engineer at Dell Technologies, where his primary focus is the growth of their Open Source Program Office.

Sean has been involved in open source development and community leadership for well over a decade. He was the community and release manager for the OpenSDS project, a program director for the OpenLab cross-community testing lab, and has contributed to several projects in various areas. Most of his experience has been within the OpenStack community, where he was the Project Team Lead of the Cinder block storage project for four releases, a member of the Technical Committee for two years, served as a community representative on the OpenStack Foundation Board of Directors, and has been the release management lead for the last several years.

Sean is excited to be part of the EdgeX Foundry project, where he hopes to continue Dell’s involvement and help continue to foster a thriving and diverse community of participants. He is a strong believer in open and transparent project leadership, and hopes to take his experiences from other communities to help EdgeX continue to grow and evolve.

Tony Espy, Canonical

Tony Espy has been a software engineer for over 25 years, starting his career at Stratus Computer working on IBM SNA network protocols. Today, as a Senior Technical Architect within Canonical's Devices & IoT Field Engineering group, his role includes advancing the development and application of snaps and Ubuntu Core across a variety of IoT use cases and vertical markets.

Tony has been a member and contributor of the EdgeX Technical Steering Committee since the project was formed in 2017. He served first as chair of the Device Services working group. During this time, Tony authored the initial version of the Device Services SDK Requirements document which also influenced and improved the EdgeX type system. Since those early days, Tony has also served two terms as an “at-large” TSC member.

Other notable activities within the project include:

- Initial prototype of the EdgeX Go Device Service SDK
- Introduction and maintenance of EdgeX snap deployment
- Active participant in the EdgeX Core, Devices, and Security working groups
- Active participant in the EdgeX Architecture group

Tony’s future goals are to help accelerate growth and market-fit for the project and grow market adoption, through his continued technical leadership.

Lenny Goodell, Intel

Lenny Goodell

Sr Software Engineer at Intel Corp with over 30 years SW Engineering experience.

Contributor to Edgex for almost 2 years (since Edinburgh F2F). Well versed in all areas of EdgeX. Participated in Fuji, Geneva and Hanoi architecture planning and F2Fs as well as EdgeX Hackathon on-site setup & support.  Significate contributions to EdgeX include:

  • Co-designed/developed App Functions SDK and App Service Configurable
  • Designed abstract Message Bus and oversaw ZMQ implementation
  • Designed and implemented the REST Device service
  • Designed/Implemented the abstract Config and Registry providers
  • Implemented Config Seed removal and service self-seeding
  • Implemented docker profile removal using enhanced environment variable overrides.
  • Major refactor of compose files for Hanoi to eliminate duplication and ease of running.

  • Volunteer positions (non-TSC voting)
    • Release Czar:  Lisa Ranjibar
    • PM: Lenny Goodell
    • User Advocate:  APJ - Jonas Werner
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