Meeting Notes:

Tuesday, October 23 (7:30am - 9am GMT+1) - Pre-Meeting

  • Project and Architecture Tutorial

Tuesday, October 23 (9:00am - 5pm GMT+1) - Day 0

  • Deep Dive Architect's day for Technical Working Group Meetups
    • Security – Hardware root of trust and security/system management overlap
    • System Management – what is in EdgeX system management long term and what is gateway or other management that may not actually fall into EdgeX.  In other words what is our scope long term and how do we handle needs not in our scope.
    • Application Services - the new export services
    • Device Services/SDK – Device onboarding; DS callbacks; adding device through metadata and next iteration of SDK
    • Test/QA - performance testing and multiple configuration testing

Wednesday, October 24 (9am - 5pm GMT+1) - Day 1

  • Welcome/Intros
  • Architecture tee-up
  • Edinburgh Planning (what's in/out)
  • Future Release Road mapping (Fuji and beyond)
  • Developer Advocate Perspective
  • DevOps Changes
  • Dinner Wednesday PM

Thursday, October 25 (9am - 5pm GMT+1) - Day 2

  • Architecture discussions and decisions (tech debt/new features)
  • Wrap up / Action summation
  • Business Issues (3pm to end of day)
    • Demonstrator
    • DevKit
    • Liaisons
    • Certification/Marketplace
    • Marketing efforts

Meeting Slide Desk

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Roadmap/action items:

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