Innovation Award: The Innovation Award recognizes individuals who have contributed (contributing back to open source) the most innovative solution to the open source EdgeX project over the past year. Once the submission deadline is closed, the EdgeX Technical Steering Committee will review the nominees and select 2 winners.

Contribution Award: The Contribution Award recognizes individuals who have contributed leadership and helped EdgeX Foundry advance and continue momentum in the past year. This includes individuals who have led work groups, special projects, and/or contributed large amounts of code, bug fixes, marketing material, documentation, or otherwise significantly advanced the efforts of EdgeX with their drive and leadership. The TSC will evaluate the nominees and select 2 winners.

YearInnovation AwardContribution Award

Drasko Draskovic, CEO and Founder of Mainflux

Tony Espy, Technical Architect for Devices and IoT for Canonical, Ltd

Andy Foster, Product Director for IOTech

Drasko Draskovic


Trevor Conn, Dell Technologies

Cloud Tsai, IoTech

Michael Johanson, Intel

Lenny Goodell, Intel


Michael Estrin, Dell Technologies

James Gregg, Intel

Bryon Nevis, Intel

Lisa Ranjbar, Intel


Lenny Goodell, Intel 
Ernesto Ojeda, Intel

IOTech Engineering Team (Cloud Tsai, Jack Chen, Lindsey Cheng, Ginny Guan, Wendy Huang, Bruce Huang, Jude Hung, Chris Hung, Felix Ting, and Cherry Wang)  
Cloud Tsai, IOTech 

Bryon Nevis and Jim Wang, Intel

Anthony Casagrande and Marc Fuller, Intel

Emilio Reyes, Intel

Iain Anderson, IOTech

Siggi Skulason, Canonical


Lenny Goodell and Elizabeth Lee, Intel

Ernesto Ojeda, Intel

Lenny Goodell, Intel

Cherry Wang, IOTech

2020 Awards Ceremony


2021 Awards Ceremony


2022 Award Ceremony 

2023 Awards Ceremony

Award details

The EdgeX Awards are given out every spring (with nominations occurring in the spring and announcement of the awards typically occurring in April or May) as a way to honor the contributors and leaders of the project.  The EdgeX TSC votes on and determines the award winners based on contributions to the EdgeX Foundry project over the previous the year.  Anyone can nominate a contributor to the TSC for an EdgeX award.  Award winners cannot be nominated or win the award two years in a row.

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