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DRAFT - Early Program Documentation - DRAFT


With Hanoi, EdgeX Foundry is announcing the availability of EdgeX Ready1.  In this program, users attest that they have authored a device profile and can get device-specific data moving through an EdgeX instance they had set up themselves thereby demonstrating some familiarity with EdgeX and more specifically of device services and associated device profiles.  Upon submission of their device profiles and sample data, users receive a badge identifying their accomplishment, which they can utilize in their marketing and promotional materials.  The goal of the program is to provide awareness of users and their organizations that have EdgeX expertise while also promoting the sharing of EdgeX device connectivity elements (e.g. device profiles and the like), and sample data sets to accelerate adoption of the platform.  

We've done several things in the Hanoi release to help users succeed at this task:

  1. In our documentation, you will now find a specification for device profiles (see: Device Profile Reference).  For those who prefer reading the code to infer the specification, you can still do that, too!  Start here with our Getting Started - Developers guide or hop right to the EdgeX Foundry Project on GitHub.
  2. We will soon provide a tool with which users can validate the syntax of their device profile2.
  3. Furthermore, we have provided cloud-specific templates and how-to guides for instantiating a reference implementation of EdgeX in the cloud to minimize the domain knowledge required outside of the immediate device service and their associated IoT protocol.  With these cloud EdgeX instance, users can verify that their device profile and sample data achieves the desired form within EdgeX.  See our Examples Repository for both Azure and AWS cloud templates.

We are initially launching with MQTT and REST device services.  This is just the beginning.  With community interest, we will expand the program to support additional device services.

If you would like to be among the first to go through this program, we would love to hear from you!  You can reach us at REACHABILITY

Participation in the EdgeX Ready program requires that one is an EdgeX User.  For more information about EdgeX User and how to become one, please see the following EDGEX USER.

1 Program name has not yet been finalized.  EdgeX Ready is a placeholder program name.

2 Your device profile must pass validation using this tool to be considered in the EdgeX Ready program


EdgeX Ready will be announced before the end of 2021.


We are interested in hearing from you!  If you have thoughts you would like to share, about this program, or perhaps of expanding this program to address additional IoT protocols offered by our other device services that align better with your interests, you can find us at REACHABILITY

EdgeX Ready Workflow


What does it cost to be EdgeX Ready?

No - the only requirement is that you sign up and become an EdgeX User EDGEX USER, which is also free to join.

Do I need to have real sensors or devices to become an EdgeX Ready User?

No - using the MQTT and REST device services, you must be able to demonstrate that you can get data into EdgeX as a sensor or device would do, but you do not need a real sensor or device to accomplish the EdgeX Ready program.

TODO - Other things to address in this Wiki

  • More details on the process.  Steps in the process.  Where to go for the tools.  What is accomplished at each step?  Wonder if we could create a diagram where each step is "click in" to get detailed instructions?
  • Do we address EdgeX Ready in relationship to a particular version (maybe address this in the FAQ)?
  • More info on EdgeX User - how to become one and where to go

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