The Edinburgh is version 1.0 and a significant milestone in the EdgeX progression.  It was made available shortly after the 2nd anniversary of the project and signaled EdgeX is fit for purpose and ready for wide use/dissemination and long term support in edge/IoT solutions.  The Edinburgh release focuses on an improved user on-boarding experience, support for binary data, better database/persistence abstraction (for future database replacements), testing dashboard and performance testing, the initial implementation of an eventual export service replacement (application services) in addition to additional security and system management needs that were started in 2018.

Version 1.01. was released in mid July 2019 and is a bug fix release to address a few race conditions discovered in v1.0.

Release Information

  • Support for Redis as well as MongoDB for all database using services (easier to replace the persistence stores)
  • Addition of application services and accompanying application functions SDK (will eventually replace the current EdgeX export services; more efficient and scalable)
  • Enhancement of the system management facilities (track and report on service CPU usage and metrics as well as track the operational status of each EdgeX service)
  • Ability to trace sensor data from the sensor to export while also supporting better debugging and performance metrics tracking
  • Support for the ingestion, use and export of binary data in CBOR format
  • Additions of unit and black box testing over the entire platform as well as the inclusion of automated security feature testing
  • Construction of a new performance framework
  • New and improved device service SDKs in Go and C; additional device services to connect more sensors and devices.
  • Improvements and cleanup around configuration bootstrapping, scheduler service, device profiles, API gateway and security secret store
  • Improvements to on-boarding EdgeX users
  • Upgrades to the security infrastructure

Release Dates

Code Freeze:  May 28, 2019

Release:  July 22, 2019 (for 1.0.1 - a bug fix release to v1.0)

Release Docker Compose

Version1.0.1 Release Docker Compose file inclusive of security services:

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