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Potential tasks

  • Set read-only configuration data (and then optionally restart)
  • Start/stop/restart of services inclusive of SMA (has asynch dependency)
  • Support async calls to SMA (everything today is blocking)
    • Use of callbacks or pub/sub to support
  • Support set config of file-based config (non-Consul)?
  • Role based security on SMA APIs (security dependency)
  • CLI additions
    • work with security services (API gateway) in place
    • point to alternative database

Beyond Geneva potential tasks

  • Transform and export for SMA data (appl services for sys mgmt info)
  • Store system metrics locally (for store and forward)
  • Actuation based on metrics change (rules engine for control plane data)
  • Alerts/notifications on metrics change or service status (ex: service down, metric above threshold, etc.)
  • Use of QoS and/or blockchain to prioritize resource usage by certain services (which might be detected by System Management metric collection)

Architectural discussions

  • Future / direction of OH
  • Future of CLI
    • Part of regular EdgeX
    • Support users as well as developers
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