Code Freeze:  Apr 22, 2020

Release:  May 13, 2020

The Geneva release will be a minor release (1.2) with a focus on testing, a few but important key features such as automated device provisioning and a replacement for the final Java service - the rules engine.

Geneva Release Overview

Release Themes and Objectives

  • Improved Security
  • Interoperability testing
  • Dynamic device provisioning/on-boarding
  • Alternate messaging support (to 0MQ)
  • Archive of Export Services - in favor of Application Services which was implemented with the Edinburgh and Fuji releases
  • DevOps Jenkins Pipelines
  • Provide an alternate local analytics service (archiving the Java-based rules engine service)
  • Deprecating the following:
    • Logging service
    • MongoDB support


  • Move to Go 1.13
  • Redis as default DB
    • Implement with username/password protection.
  • 0MQ Alternate between core and app services
    • Should help with Windows dev (long standing backlog)
  • Separate the configuration and registry APIs
  • Establish a document template for API information
    • Used to better define the Swagger documents
  • Use of Dependency Injection in Go services found in edgex-go

Core/Supporting Services

  • Combine/reduce UIs
  • Blacklist/whitelist of devices (w/ DS WG)
    • As part of auto provisioning
  • Alternate message bus provider (w/ App WG)
    • Allowing data from Core Data to be pushed to multiple channels / topics and how to deal with marking an event/reading as pushed in that circumstances

Application Services and App Functions SDK

  • Export Service archive/deprecation
  • Application services should provide for batch and send modes
  • Rules Engine Replacement (w/ Core WG)
    • JSON Logic and/or EMQX Kuiper implementation
  • Create a design and implement a means for application services to feed data back into core data
  • Support Cloud Event import (device service) and export (if not supporting Cloud Events model throughout) – stretch goal

Device Services and Device Service SDKs

  • Automatic/dynamic device provisioning capability
  • Array of data types (w/ Core WG)
  • Data filter design between DS and Core Data
    • Provide a design about how to implement this before implementing.
    • If possible, can the filter functions be shared across App Services and D.S. (w/ App WG)

System Management

  • Open Horizon “Walk phase” (TBD)


  • Create a hardware secret storage design
    • HW secure storage abstraction layer
    • How to protect the Vault Master Key
  • Create and use a per service Vault token in the security services
  • Service token revocation and rotation
  • Blackbox tests of APIs through the API gateway
  • Design work
    • How to implement HTTPS in EdgeX (that is, how to protect all service endpoints with HTTPS)
    • How to implement role-based security across our all EdgeX services.


  • Device Service testing – complete testing for current set of EdgeX Device Service (w/ DS WG)
  • New blackbox tests to support V2 API changes on new Robot-based Test Automation Framework
  • Documentation – move all API definitions to Swagger (w/ all WG assistance)
  • Documentation – move from RST to Markdown
    • Explore documentation versioning – stretch goal
  • System integration / interoperability tests - Device Service read data -> Core Data -> Rules Engine or Application/Export Service -> Command
  • Implement enough performance testing in order to be able to answer key performance measures – extend existing Robot perf test summary suite developed during Fuji
  • Add unit tests/testing for global libraries. (w/ DevOps help) – stretch goal


  • Move to Jenkins Pipeline
  • Apply Synk scan to other services and images (w/ all WG input)
    • Synk can’t do ARM images


  • Planning and design work toward certification and self-assessment for when LTS hits.

Vertical Solutions WG

  • China Project Team in place

Additional Release Notes

  • Geneva will not be LTS.  While no specific future release is pinpointed for LTS, the general hope is that the Ireland release will be a bug fix only, minor release that might be our best opportunity for an LTS.
  • Export services are removed from the Geneva release.  This required the approval of a backward compatibility exception for Geneva since it is no longer a major release.

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