If you are just learning about EdgeX Foundry and have been directed to this Wiki site, there are some additional resources you might find helpful.

General Web Site

  • EdgeX Foundry Web Site : provides general information about the project, membership (and how to become a members), news/announcements, and governance.

Chat, Q&A and Discussions

  • EdgeX GitHub Discussions Site: place to ask a question of the EdgeX developers and community.  You will also find project related announcements (such as upcoming meeting reminders, release schedule, etc.) there too.  GitHub disccussins are persisted and can be searched so users are able to find answers to previously asked questions.

Technical Documentation

  • EdgeX Foundry Technical Documentation:  This website contains the technical documentation (architecture, micro service descriptions, API documents, getting started guides, examples, and more).

Email Forum

In addition to the above, you can post a question to the EdgeX Foundry email reflectors (email forums). Search the email archive and sign up for email here:  EdgeX Email Subgroups.  You will find there are many emails lists (subgroups) so you may want to research your question in the archives to get a sense of which group is more likely to provide the answer to your question.

Attend Technical Meetings

Our EdgeX technical and marketing working groups meet, typically, once a week.  These meetings are held by conference call and are open to the public.  In these working group meetings, the technical work of the project is organized, design and architecture topics are discussed and decided upon, and marketing efforts are orchestrated.  Find out how to sign up for any of our meetings here:  Meeting Calendar and Sign up

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