What is Hacktoberfest? 

Hosted by DigitalOcean every year since 2013, Hacktoberfest encourages participation in giving back to the open-source community by completing pull requests, participating in events, and donating to open source projects.  Throughout the month of October, participants are encourage to join in and help further advance great open source projects! 

The EdgeX Foundry is proud to be involved and is eager to receive new contributions from people looking to get started with open source code at the edge.

People of any training and skill level are encouraged to participate in the challenge.


  • A great opportunity to start your open source journey
  • The chance to learn something new
  • Networking opportunities
  • Personal growth and development

The Rules

  • Sign up for Hacktoberfest on the DigitalOcean site
  • Merging four pull requests (PRs) is the minimum work required to complete the Hacktoberfest challenge
  • You can contribute to any "good first issue" in any EdgeX repository (repo). Those issues marked with the hacktoberfest  label have been suggested by the EdgeX leaders as good issues to look at
  • To begin, comment on the issues you are interested in working on if they have not been assigned to anyone else, and ask for the issue to be assigned to you.  Do not begin working on an issue unless it has been assigned to you.  In general, you should only work on one issue at a time unless you've submitted a PR on the first issue and you've been waiting more than 24 hours for feedback
  • Ask questions if you face any problem solving the issue. You can ask directly on the issue itself, or join the slack channels at https://edgexfoundry.slack.com/
  • Issues labelled hacktoberfest will be automatically counted towards your four submissions when you submit a linked PR and it is merged
  • Get involved and have fun!

Technologies used by EdgeX

  • Go-Lang
  • C
  • Markdown
  • Make
  • YAML
  • JSON
  • Jenkins


The only prerequisite is knowledge of Git and Github so you can make pull request contributions

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