Release Date:  May 11, 2022

Code Freeze: April 27, 2022

Namer:  Tony Espy (Canonical)

The Kamakura Release is version 2.2 (a minor release on the second major release - Ireland - made during the summer of 2021).  It is therefore backward compatible with Ireland (as well as Jakarta).  It is the 10th overall community release of EdgeX Foundry.

Release Major Themes

Additional features/updates/project improvements

  • Added or updated GPIO and CoAP services
  • Ability to build EdgeX services on Windows platform (providing optional inclusion of ZMQ libraries as needed)
  • CORs enablement
  • Added additional testing – especially around the optional use of services
  • Added testing to the GUI
  • Optimized the dev ops CI/CD pipelines
  • Kubernetes Helm Chart example for EdgeX
  • Added linting (the automated checking of source code for programmatic, stylistic and security issues) part of the regular build checks and tests on all service pull requests
  • Formalized release and planning meeting schedule
  • Better tracking of project decisions through new GitHub project boards

Known Bugs

None at this time


Core, Supporting, System Management, and Security Services Changelog

Go Device Service SDK Changelog

C Device Service SDK Changelog - coming soon

App Functions SDK Changelog

App Service Configurable Changelog

Camera Device Service Changelog

CoAP Device Service Changelog - coming soon

Modbus Device Service Changelog

MQTT Device Service Changelog

REST Device Service Changelog

SNMP Device Service Changelog

Virtual Device Service Changelog

EdgeX User Interface Changelog


Release Design Decisions

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