Delivery:  ~ November 2023

Namer:  Ernesto Ojeda (EdgeX Foundry DevOps Working Group lead and TSC member - Intel)

Per the Napa Planning Meeting (06/2023), Napa will be a 3.1 stabilization/LTS release following Minnesota 3.0.

Focus will be on providing a consolidated stable release of V3 and will include documentation refactor/refresh to support that.

Key items planned include:

  • URIs for files - using a URI to get common service settings, device profile or other configuration information from a file located at a specified URL.  This will allow services to share more of the configuration and startup information.
  • Complete Common Configuration - while common configuration was provided in EdgeX 3.0 (code named Minnesota), some additional elements will be added to round out and complete the functionality in this release
  • Overhaul, refactor and generally improve the EdgeX documentation
  • Document features and designs around some upcoming release (beyond 3.1) security features to include zero trust/secure distributed service-to-service communications (currently being tested using OpenZiti), and bring-your-own-Vault (allowing adopters to use an existing Vault instance for EdgeX secrets)
  • Parent/child device relationships
  • Virtual device resources
  • Add a record and replay developer service to help test and exercise EdgeX with recorded sensor/device data
  • Core Data Retention implementation
  • Allow for the experimentation and use of NanoMQ as the MQTT broker in EdgeX

See the Napa Planning page for details

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