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This is an open conference and the public is welcome to attend. 

Register Today at:

Meeting URL:

Final action items list and Kamakura Scope (PPTX and PDF)


Dates and Locations: 


The conference will be held as ½ day sessions (4 hours) using Zoom conference tool.  The daily schedule is below.

DateTimeMajor Agenda TopicsRecording
11/17-11AM PDTBusiness Topics and Architecture Tee upRecording
11/210AM-1PM PDTCadence & Process Check, Architecture TopicsRecording
11/37-11AM PDT

Kamakura Scoping Part 1

11/410AM-1PM PDTKamakura Scoping Part 2 and Jakarta Ireland lessons learnedRecording

Topic coverage and detailed agenda are provided below.


Register here:

Timely registration is very important for logistics and planning purposes

In preparation for the meeting, please make sure you have installed Zoom and it works correctly.  See

Decisions, Action Items, Scope Conclusions

Agenda and Original Scoping Deck

PPTX and PDF versions

Day 1 - Kickoff


  • 7am PDT Introductions & Logistics

  • 7:15am Jakarta release

  • 8:15am Kamakura release

  • 8:30am Business Topics

  • 10:00am Architecture topic tee-up

  • 11am day 1 adjourn

Meeting Deck with Notes from the Day

Day 2 - Architectural Decisions


  • 10am PDT Meeting Start

  • 10:15am Release cadence check, release naming
  • 11am Architectural topics discussion and decisions

    • Topics relevant to upcoming release having priority, discussion of architectural design - with goal of making decisions that are particularly relevant and impactful to upcoming release

  • If time allows, we may get a jump on the Kamakura scoping exercise scheduled for day 3.

  • 1pm day 2 adjourn

Meeting Deck with Notes from the Day

Day 3 - Kamakura Scoping


  • 7am PDT Meeting Start
  • 7:15 Kamakura scope planning by WG / area
    • General
      • Cross cutting concerns
    • Core
      • GUI
      • CLI
      • System management
      • Test QA
    • Device Service
    • Application
      • eKuiper / rules engine
    • Security
    • DevOps
    • Outreach
      • Marketing
      • Vertical Solutions
      • Developer advocacy (EdgeX Ready, Badging, etc.)
      • Community and product promotion
  • 11am day 3 adjourn

Meeting Deck with Notes from the Day

Day 4 - Scope wrap up and Lessons Learned


  • 10am PDT Meeting Start

  • Scope and architectural questions not addressed in prior 3 days will be finished as priority work on day 4 as needed.

  • 10:15am Requests from adopters
  • 11am Jakarta lessons learned
  • 11:30am Spring release - in person face to face??
    • Venue/time line
  • 11:45am Long term roadmap - beyond Kamakura
    • Backlog revisit
    • Next LTS forecast
  • 12:30pm Kamakura Planning meeting lessons learned and changes for Levski planning meeting
  • 1pm day 4 adjourn

Meeting Deck with Notes from the Day

Eaton Presentation on new type of north side, protocol dependent, data feed

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