Meeting scheduling

  1. When a WG is ready to schedule a call, or recurring call, feel free to email to help schedule in Zoom, and send meeting invite. WG's are also welcome to schedule in Zoom as well. Email if you need log-in info.
  2. Invites to an entire mail list do not automatically populate certain mail clients the same way that individual invites do. It is best to post your meeting across multiple channels (plus some users prefer one tool over others).
    1. Announce on the working group #channel on Slack
    2. Add meeting info to WG page on the Wiki
    3. Email meeting info to the WG mail list
    4. Send calendar invite to the WG mail list

Voting and Polls

Using the EdgeX Foundry accounts for Zoom meetings, you can track voting and polls during your meeting using the built-in polling system in Zoom. See the video below for a demonstration of how to use this feature.


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