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Delivery:  ~ May Dec 2024

Namer:  Mengyi Wang & Farshid Tavakolizadeh (Canonical)

Per the Odessa Planning Meeting (12/2023), Odessa will be a 3.2 release and therefore backwardly compatible with Minnesota 3.0 and Napa 3.1.  Napa will remain the LTS, supported until November 2025.

Key items planned include:

  • Complete URIs for files item, i.e., parity for C Device Service SDK
  • Replace Hashicorp Consul with


  • Core-Keeper

  • Replace Hashicorp Vault with


  • OpenBao

  • EdgeX modelling and relationship enhancements 
    • Parent/Child Devices
    • Virtual Device Resources
    • Device Metadata in Provision Watchers
    • Protocol Info in Device Definitions (at least a UCR in this cycle)
    • Device Functions (at least a UCR in this cycle)
  • Zero Trust / Secure Distributed EdgeX (OpenZiti Integration)

  • Continue EdgeX documentation redesign - focusing on updating all device service docs to the new consistent formatting, and an overhaul of the security section
  • Add security capability to our NanoMQ option

See the Odessa Planning page for details