This was an open conference with the public welcome to attend. 

Final Outcomes, Decisions and Actions

Main meeting summary notes:

See the Odessa Roadmap Page here: Odessa Release 

PPT and PDF versions of all slides including notes as taken during the meeting:



The conference will be held as ½ day sessions (3 hours) over the week using the Zoom conference tool. The daily schedule is below.

DayTimeSubjectZoom Link / Recording
Mon 4th Dec7-10AM PSTKickoff and Main Architecture Discussions 

Day 1 Recording

Tues 5th Dec9AM-12PM PSTArchitecture Discussions and Odessa Scoping

Day 2 Recording

Naming the "R" Release: Recording

Wed 6th Dec 9AM-11AM PST

Business and Marketing Topics, Lessons Learnt

Day 3 Recording

Access to EdgeX Calendar invites etc is described here.

Original Planning Meeting Slide Deck (PPT and PDF versions)


Day 1 - Kickoff and Main Architecture Discussions (Dec 4)

  • 7:00am - Introductions & Meeting Logistics
  • 7:15am - Napa release (any unfinished business, issues, etc.)
  • 7:30am - Odessa Aims and Objectives release – high level agreement
  • 7:45am - Project Administration - TSC membership; Release Cadence and Naming
  • 8:00am - Odessa Architecture Discussions
  • 10:00am - Day 1 adjourn

Day 2 - Architecture Discussions and Odessa Scoping (Dec 5)

  • 9:00am - "R" Release Naming
  • 9:10am - Odessa Architecture Discussions cont...
  • TBC - Odessa Scoping by Working Group
  • 12:00pm - Day 2 adjourn

Day 3 - Complete Odessa Scoping, Business and Marketing Topics, Lessons Learnt (Dec 6)

  • 9:00am - Business and Marketing Topics
  • 10:00am - Project Process Improvements
  • 10:30am - Lessons Learnt, Evaluation, etc
  • 11:00am - Day 3 adjourn
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