Topics for today

Export Distro (Issue #512) / go-mod-messaging (Issue #28)

  • Only able to recreate with core-data running in docker
  • Found new issue where core-data stopped publishing events
    • No errors or crash. 
    • Stopping DS(s) and restarting mongo resolved until both DSs running. 
    • Dropping Events & Readings collections from Mongo resolves issue
  • Lenny will merge fix and update edgex-go and retest
  • Lenny will create issue for new issue where Core Data stopped publishing.
    • Lenny will take his test case to the QA/Test WG.

App-service-configurable Docker

  • Profile specified from compose file ‘cmd:’ or docker run.
  • Default run without profile will cause error.
  • Will start with the following profiles:
    • Default sample (filter & xml transform)
    • rules-engine
    • mqtt-export
    • http-export
    • docker
  • Current filter function need to pass-thru if filter values empty, currently none passed thru.
    • This allows more flexibility with configurable pipeline

Blackbox Testing

  • First pass on existing REST API using current tooling and scripts to set config
    • Will also use REST Trigger to drive testing function pipeline 
      • Post event
      • Pipeline runs 
      • Result send back as HTTP response
  • More Robust test once we have Robot (dependent on QA/Test WG)
    • Above race condition and previous race condition expose that we don’t have sufficient full scale integration and stress testing.

Any Bugs needing to be discussed?

 No additional

Any Other Updates?

  • Rules engine update 
    • Jim working on it to handle MessageEnvelope
    • Looking for recommendation for CBOR package for Java
  • Environment variable override has been merged.