• 2022 Goals (ref: Project Goals)
    • Define what a desired reference implementation system looks like.  The project got setup to create a reference architecture for retail edge solution and to set up a reference implementation (and demo) for people to quickly/easily grab and build on top of.  I think some are now saying that the current demo is not quite doing that and there are some concerns about the current demo in terms of ease of use and openness of its solution.  If that is indeed the case (and we need agreement on that), what would the desired reference implementation look like?
    • What use case would the reference implementation solve?  If many, then can we pick a demo use case in order to build a demo from the reference implementation to show case the architecture and reference implementation?  And to highlight the ease of use and acceleration capability for creating retail solutions.
    • What ingredients should be in the reference implementation?  Maybe goes to what problem are we trying to solve.
    • What does easily and quickly mean?  If I was a retail organization, what would I expect or need from ORRA in order for me to take it and start building edge solutions?
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    • February 3, 2022


Take away

  • One goal for this year should be to have a demo that we can run in our companies labs and use to demonstrate ORRA's value proposition
  • One possibility might be to leverage the LF Edge lab infrastructure to set up and run an ORRA instance people could use to develop applications against
  • We should document how one can use an agent against that instance
  • We should document how this instance was set up so others can replicate it in their own lab
  • The OpenHorizon Examples WG is developing a stable definition of all the components one needs to have we should be able to leverage
  • Eventually we could have an exchange populated with services for people to use
  • Instead of trying to come up with a use case again we could then let people bring their own use case and experiment with the platform that's running
  • Joe will investigate whether it'd be possible to have an LF Edge instance running an ORRA platform and what the constraints are, such as regarding access control
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