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Working Group Creation Date: October 5, 2017
Working Group Chair: Henry Lau (HP)


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TBA8:00am US Pacific



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Sep 14, 2021

The compact edge intelligence system EI-52 with EdgeX built-in, targeting for automation and smart city uses

Presenter: Charlie Wu, Product Management Manager, Advantech

Jun 22, 2021

Running Enterprise-Grade Edge Applications with EdgeX on Ubuntu Core

Join Tony Espy (Canonical SW Engineer) and David Beamonte (Canonical Product Manager) to discover how to create enterprise-grade edge applications using EdgeX Foundry running on Ubuntu Core, which are optimized for security, mass-scale production, and long-term support and maintenance on the field
Part of the Adopter Series of presentations.

Feb 23, 2021Introduction to Open Retail Reference Architecture (ORRA) project.  Representatives from IBM, Intel, HP to talk about the purpose and goals of ORRA project, and a call to action for more participants.Slides-2021-02-23Recording-2021-02-23
Jan 19, 2021IOTech to present how they have built a successful range of COTS value-add edge offerings based on EdgeX Foundry.
Part of the Adopter Series of presentations.
Nov 17, 2020HP: Introduction to "HP Engage Edge" - World's first retail product powered by EdgeX!
Part of the Adopter Series of presentations.
Oct 6, 2020Intel presenting a Retail Reference Implementation for Automated Checkout using EdgeX.
Part of the Adopter Series of presentations.
Slides-2020-10-06Recording 2020-10-06
Aug 25, 2020TIBCO, a big data and software integration company with HQ in Palo Alto, CA, is to present their use of EdgeX as part of Project Air.
Part of the Adopter Series of presentations.
Slides-2020-08-25Recording 2020-08-25
Jul 28, 2020Jiangxing Intelligence, an edge computing service provider based in Nanjing, China, to present their EdgeBox platform which is based on EdgeX.
Part of the Adopter Series of presentations.
Slides-2020-07-28Recording 2020-07-28
Jul 14, 2020ThunderSoft, a product and solutions provider based in Beijing, China, to present their IoT efforts and platform including their use of EdgeX.
Part of the Adopter Series of presentations.
Jun 30, 2020

Accenture, a Fortune Global 500, multinational professional services company, is to present their use of EdgeX.

Document containing answers by Allan to questions that were not addressed during the call.
Part of the Adopter Series of presentations.

Jun 9, 2020RFRain to present RFID use cases across verticals and opportunities for EdgeX communitySlides-2020-06-09


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May 26, 2020

AppCard presenting use cases and challenges that can be solved with technology for grocery stores and quick serve restaurants


(Password: 1O%Q^*6U)

May 12, 2020

Conexxus presenting initiatives with NACS, C-Stores technology standards and use cases, and opportunities for EdgeX



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Mar 17, 2020
  • Ideation challenge update
  • Intel presenting loss prevention services
Feb 18, 2020
  • Workgroup organization update
  • Intel presenting Real Time sensor fusion for loss detection at checkout

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