2022-03-17 Meeting Recording



  • Create a demo that we can run in our companies labs and use to demonstrate ORRA's value proposition
  • Leverage the LF Edge lab infrastructure to set up and run an ORRA instance
  • Provide a stable, supported definition of all ORRA components
  • Let people bring their own use case and experiment with the platform

Discussion items

2 minCo-chair roleFood for thoughts
2 minFormal reference architecture chartJeff Lu & Joe PearsonCan we publish anything yet?
2 minLF Edge White Paper v2Jason Shepherd is drafting, when ready for public input, we should assist with retail use cases
15 minReview of Action itemsAll

Action items

  •  Talk to potential Adopters and see if they have any pressing use cases they would like to address with ORRA
  •  Think about whether or not the Co-Chair role needs to be kept for the next election cycle in May timeframe
  •  Have the Open Horizon instance running in the LF Edge Community Lab
  •  Have EdgeX Foundry, Jakarta release running in Open Horizon in the lab and available in `open-horizon-services` GitHub repo
  • Jeff to publish the Reference Architecture chart