20221027 Meeting Recording


Arnaud J Le Hors

Joe Pearson

Jim White

Rodney Hess

David C Martin


  • Create a demo that we can run in our companies labs and use to demonstrate ORRA's value proposition
  • Leverage the LF Edge lab infrastructure to set up and run an ORRA instance
  • Provide a stable, supported definition of all ORRA components
  • Let people bring their own use case and experiment with the platform

Discussion items

5mnReference Architecture DiagramArnaud

Added to the list of deliverables on ORRA main page

ORRA Reference Architecture Diagram 20221027.png

10 minAny other update?Joe

Accuknox just joined the Open Horizon TSC, and they are an Adopter.  

They are the primary Maintainers of KubeArmor and Cilium in CNCF.

We may want to invite them to ORRA to assist with any runtime and network security issues. (Ron Victor <>, Rahul Jadhav <>)

Based on their integration work, we could have them run a security scan of the demo and generate a security policy and then enforce it to both ensure runtime security of an example and to validate that our approach follows best practices for secure workloads.

In fact, the results of this would form a great webinar topic.


Hacktoberfest 2022 begins Saturday.  This is an opportunity to attract new contributors to ORRA and EdgeX Foundry.

  1. Create more issues
  2. Label relevant issues "hacktoberfest"
  3. Ask EdgeX Foundry to add "hacktoberfest" topic to our repo (today).

Action items

  • Talk to potential Adopters and see if they have any pressing use cases they would like to address with ORRA
  • David C Martin to write down a one page description of the Architectural Diagram to publish along with the diagram 
  • Publish the reference architecture diagram
  • Joe Pearson to follow up with Accuknox to discuss a possible integration with the ORRA demo