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“Definition of Done”

“Done” is based on whether the architecture can be built and booted, on a target system, based on the collaterals provided.  Collaterals refer to the current and correct projects/versions, and any supporting scripts, test scaffolding, or other resources referred to in the architecture and build collaterals are present and functional.  If a collateral requires software to be written, software is reviewed, checked in, and unit tests or validation plans have been updated.

Definition and authoring

This phase focuses on the active creation or update of an architecture version.  Changes to the architecture are presented, debated and accepted.  Supporting documentation is created and/or updated.

Testing and validation

This phase focuses on the testing and validation of the architecture.  Test matrices are filled out to record which platforms and/or profiles have been tested.  Testing may be as simple as following the build collaterals to confirm the results, or they may involve automated imaging, booting and testing of scripted infrastructure.  Errors and failures summarized, documented and submitted for review.

Approvals and/or Certifications

This phase refers to how the body reviews submitted collaterals and test results in order to approve the release of an architecture and version.  Metrics and KPIs such as completeness, collateral quality, testing and validation results, or other community feedback will be considered.  Approvals will be documented along with decision criteria to encourage transparency and consistency in future releases.  Certification is out of scope as of this time.

Support and maintenance

The community and public shall utilize github to log issues, suggestions and pull requests against collateral, regardless of the phase of the project.

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