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This document captures the agreed-upon roles, structure, tasks, and operations of the project.  This structure will enable the following goals of the project:  

  1. A base foundation of retail-centric API-based services at cloud and edge for building best in class retail experiences (allowing multiple vendors, suppliers and projects to both utilize and implement the APIs)   
  2. A common application deployment platform for edge-native deployments (to minimize validation and integration testing required)
  3. Consistent integration methods, drawing on cloud-native development practices (so that integrating applications and data at the edge uses the same technology as at the cloud)
  4. A comprehensive set of connectors for retail IOT devices
  5. A community based on open-source software (OSS) principles to enable higher velocity of innovation

Since this project is chartered as a sub-project of EdgeX Foundry and is structurally under the project’s Vertical Solutions Working Group, it inherits terminology, requirements, and resources from the LF Edge umbrella as well as the EdgeX Foundry project.  This document reflects those sources and is the original source of all operating assumptions, which may be altered as needed. 


  • Participant – This is a role for individuals or organizations that join the project. Anyone can be a participant and gain visibility to product and processes of the project. 
  • Contributor – This is a role for any participant that contributes to the project content – charts, minutes, collateral, etc. See standard contributor qualification guidelines outlined in:  
  • (Co-)Chair – This is the leadership and facilitator role, held by members of the project.  While initially appointed by the three founding members, the role will be filled by a majority vote of all project Contributors on an annual basis.  Duties include running meetings and setting the agenda, regular presentations and updates to the founding member projects, recruiting new participants to the project, speaking with the press, and delegating these duties as needed. 
  • Secretary – This is the information capturing and disseminating role.  A person must be nominated and confirmed by majority vote for this role from among the Contributors.  Duties include capturing and publishing meeting minutes, scheduling meetings, creating documentation and templates (or standard forms). 
  • Maintainer (aka Committer)  – This is a technical leadership role.  A Maintainer has commit access to the repositories and will fill leadership roles within the project.  
    A person must be nominated for this role by other Maintainers from among the participants.  Approval of this nomination is by a vote of a majority of Maintainers (> 50%) and Chair(s).  The vote may be taken verbally at a project meeting if a quorum is present, or later over the mailing list. 
    NOTE: The EdgeX Foundry policy for Maintainers is outlined at: 
    See also the Technical Charter for further details. 


  • Social Media – EdgeX Foundry or LF Edge, as appropriate. 
  • YouTube –  EdgeX Foundry or LF Edge, as appropriate. 


All project meetings will be conducted publicly over a video conferencing system, such as Zoom, and recorded.  Recordings and transcripts will be made available afterwards and posted to the wiki.  Meetings will be facilitated by a project Chair or designee, and will follow the pre-set agenda.  Meeting minutes will be taken by the Secretary and made available afterwards on the wiki.  Meetings will be held regularly as scheduled by the Secretary. 



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