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The core team of China Project is composed of the maintainers, official EdgeX community members and sub-team leaders of industries.


The core team is expected to create and execute the annual plan of China Project.

Based on the face to face preparing meeting on Dec 17, 2019, the draft plan in 2020 is composed of three categories:

  • Evangelism
    • User/solution list: list all EdgeX Foundry users and relative solutions in China project wiki page, to encourage and advocate its usage. (AI: by core team)
    • Webinars: keep and increase if necessary the bimonthly frequency, focus more on EdgeX app developers, in code level and architecture analysis.(AI: by core team, contributed by all)
    • Meetups: keep quarterly frequency, or increase instances on specific industries, focus on architecture, functions, solutions and product integration. (AI: by core team and industry sub-teams)
    • Workshops: yearly or biannual, entry level code training, provide hands-on experience on EdgeX Foundry app development. (AI: by core team)
    • Hackathons: yearly or biannual, advanced code camp, focus on new features, projects, solutions, with sponsorship and awards. (AI: by core team)
  • Collaboration
    • Internal facing (AI by industry sub-teams)
      • Solutions: focus on mature industries, like retails, manufacturing, energy, cities/campus.
        • Summarize use cases and customer requirements
        • Define reference architecture models and implementations
      • Test bed/certificate: focus on edge devices, OEM vendors and e2e solutions
        • Facilitate advanced developers and distribute dev kits
        • Develop and deploy test beds to validate solutions
    • External facing (AI by core team)
      • Enhance collaboration with other relative industry organizations, e.g. CAAI, AII & ECC.
      • Active discussion with telco carriers on use cases of integration with 5G, MEC and Industrial IoT
      • Build partnership with developer communities, like Go-lang community
  • Contribution (AI by core team)
    • Encourage and assistant direct code contribution to EdgeX code repos
      • Provide help to interesting organizations, on code review, bridging connections, communications etc.
    • Organize translation of English docs to Chinese, or write tech posts in Chinese directly.


  • VMware (maintainer) representative: Gavin Lu
  • Intel (co-maintainer, retail/banking/hospitality/education, cities/campus sub-team leader) representative: Melvin Sun
  • Thundersoft (official member & manufacturing sub-team leader) representative: Shouyong Liu
  • WayClouds (energy sub-team leader) representative: Haihua Chen
  • Wanxiang (official member) representative: Jijun Ma
  • BUPT (official member) representative: Yonghua Li
  • CertusNet (official member) representative: Jian Mao
  • EMQ (official member) representative: Rocky Jin
  • Linaro (official member) representative: Frank Wang
  • Dell (official member) representative: Jack Xu
  • IoTech (official member) representative: Cloud Tsai


The core team will conduct discussions and produce the annual plan and action items at around Feb 15, 2020.

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